Submit Abstracts

Online submission is the only way for abstract submission. Another way for abstract submission such as via e-mail or post is not acceptable.

Abstract Submission Deadline : 07th of March, 2019 (Until 24.00)

Abstracts to be presented at the congress must be in the nature of contributing to scientific development and give a conclusion message.

Abstract Categories

  • Clinical studies of Type 1 Diabetes
  • Experimental studies of Type 1 Diabetes
  • Clinical studies of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Experimental studies of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Macrovascular complications in diabetes
  • Microvascular complications in diabetes
  • Diabetes and Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Concomitant diseases of diabetes
  • Diabetes and technology
  • Diabetes and social life
  • Non-classified
  • Other

Abstract Writing Rules

  • Abstracts will be collected via Online Submission System.
  • Do not use any academic titles in the abstracts.
  • All names should be written with small letters except the initial letter. (e.g.: Emine Al)
  • All names, surnames and institutions must be indicated.
    (e.g.: Xxxx University Medical Faculty, Department of Xxxx, İstanbul)
  • Only the initial letter of the abstract title should be capitalized except for the acronyms.
    (e.g.: Xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx XXX xxxx xxxx)
  • Exposed name of abbreviation should be indicated in bracket if any abbreviation is used in abstract.
  • Aim of the study and methods should be briefly stated, findings should be summarized with sufficient number of sample and results should be explained within the presented findings.
  • Abstracts should be formed as “introduction”, “tools and method”, “results” and “discussion”.
  • Abstract is limited with 350 words excluded title, name and surname.
  • If the abstract does not comply with the above mentioned writing rules, it will be excluded regardless of its content.

Points to Consider

  • If you use the Abstract Module System for the first time, register in the system as a new user.
  • After sign up the explanations will assist you. Please read the messages and explanations carefully.
  • Authors should avoid typographical misspellings so that abstracts sent via the online submission will be printed as it sent. The writers are responsible for all misspellings and typing errors.
  • Please keep the confirmation e-mail after the submission process completed.
  • You can tract the status of your abstract during evaluation and acceptance process.
  • Please do not hesiste to contact with us if you encounter any technical problem:
    LookUs Scientific Inc.
    +90 216 372 6644 / +90 532 382 7744
    E-mail: agent@lookus.net

Evaluation of Abstracts

  • Evaluations will be completed over internet by Congress Scientif Committee by keeping confidential of authors' name, surname and affiliations.
  • After the registration, there will be an information page. Please read the messaged and the information carefully.
  • For the abstract to enter the review process, at least one of the researchers must be registered for the congress.
  • Evaluation results will be sent to all abstract submitters as a conclusion letter.
  • The Scientific Committee has the right to accept the abstracts as oral presentation or E-poster presentation.
  • The best oral and poster presentations will be awarded.
  • The awards will be given to the first author of the each winning paper at the closing session of the last day of the congress.
  • Evaluation results will be sent to all abstract submitters as a conclusion letter; abstract submitters should take the way how their abstracts gets accepted into account and complete their preparations accordingly.
If you receive information that your article is accepted as an E-poster presentation, please pay attention to details by carefully following the instructions outlined below:

  • All of the documents must be ready (Texts, pictures, tables, figures etc. in Word and PowerPoint format) in your computer.
  • Login to the system via your AbstractAgent™ account.
  • Click the "Notifications" button on the left. You can see all of your abstracts.
  • Click the “Full Text / Upload Poster ” button located below your abstracts accepted as E-poster presentations.
  • The screen will pop-up and you can “copy-paste” the poster parts, you can add and save any figures or tables on this screen.
  • Check your poster via “Preview” button.
  • When you are sure that everything is completed, you can click the “Confirm” button.
  • Your poster will be displayed during the congress in the congress center via “electronic poster player”.